Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Two enjoyable happenings.

It's autumn (fall) here now, so birding is quieter, but we've had some sunny late mornings and afternoons so I've had some very pleasant walks.  On one of these I went to a park slightly north west from home that I haven't visited for a while.  At first it seemed as if I had wasted my time but not long before I had to leave, I happened on a hotspot where I almost didn't know where to look as there was activity everywhere!

It's the time of year when there are curious young birds around, and they take more risks than adults would, just like teens do at times!

This meant that this beautiful little Striated Pardalote came so close at one stage that I couldn't focus on it.  He certainly checked me out!  It was good to see them as I don't have them in my immediate area.

Then on the closest walk to home I came across a couple of young Laughing Kookaburras jabbing at soft mud in the creek bed.  At first I wondered if they ate it to neutralise toxins in their food like the Macaws in South America, but they didn't appear to swallow it.

They then flew to a fallen dead tree on the other side of the creek.

There they appeared to use it as they preened.   Perhaps it helps to get rid of mites or other parasites in their feathers, but apparently it's not often observed, so I might end up sending in a short account to a BirdLife published journal which accepts input from amateurs!  I put it on a Facebook forum here, and only one other person responded that they had seen something similar.  One at least had just had a bath prior to this, but I didn't manage a sharp shot of that!

Finally for this post, a Little Corella family portrait.   The young one called almost the whole time I watched them making me wonder if the parents get sick of it!  I was surprised to see them as we usually have Long-billed Corellas in my area, not Little, and I haven't been seeing them on my walks.